Pollokshields Heritage


2014-15 Lecture Series - in the Fotheringay Centre


2012 Lectures Gordon Barr Abigail Howkins May Miles Thomas Judith Bowers

RICHARD McBREARTY                                                    Tuesday 11 November 2014

From Shanghai to São Paulo, Scotland has played a significant role in shaping the global game. Hear about the professional footballers and coaches who advanced the Scottish short passing game abroad. Richard will also tell the story of Scotland’s contribution through thousands of emigrants who travelled and settled across the world taking their love of football with them.

GORDON BARR                                                              Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dr Gordon Barr, former Heritage Development Manager, Maryhill Burgh Halls, uses maps, archive photographs and the latest technology to explore and bring to life the past, present, and future of the three main canals that once served the city of Glasgow.

SAFFORD WATERS                                                           Tuesday 17th February 2015

Former drugs investigator, diplomat and European Commission expert on Organised Crime, Stafford Waters has been part of a team researching the many aspects of the Art Nouveau genre including the work of the famous Glasgow furnishing house Wylie and Lochhead during the seminal years of the Glasgow Style. Their furniture and interiors were the well-recognised commercial face of the style in Scotland and further afield. The company has an iconic status in Scotland and is still fondly remembered by many. Whilst the breadth of the team’s research encompasses far more than the activities of one company, here in the first presentation of their long awaited findings, the particular role of Wylie and Lochhead is illustrated and discussed.

JUDITH BOWERS                                                                Tuesday 21 April 2015 (following PH AGM)

A.E. Pickard - a Glasgow legend who has left a vast legacy of comical anecdotes from his bad behaviour and naughty pranks. Although he died in 1964 aged 90, his escapades live on. Judith Bowers from the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall (one of the venues that made Pickard a millionaire) will be telling a few selected tales from the papers and Panopticon archives. Giggle, guffaw and be appalled at the life of ‘Pickard the Prankster’.